There’s No Better Time For Fairness

So I tuned into a few of Lynne McTaggart’s “Fairness Campaign” shows where she converses with many renowned life coaches and I have to say I was not only impressed, but felt a shift in my own perspective.
On the surface, McTaggart’s attempt at such a movement may seem like a new age idiom or a lost cause for hippies, but I found her conversations extremely relevant to the current state of humanity worldwide. Insights from Jack Canfield, Hale Dwoskin, Marci Shimoff and Michael Beckwith couldn’t be more perfectly timed.
One conversation that stood out to me was Marianne Williamson’s. She’s been around for a while and I was somewhat familiar with her overall general outlook on things as a result of reading random columns she’d written or occasionally spotting her on TV.
Williamson said something so obvious, yet poignant, yet often forgotten in the midst of havoc. “When there is imbalance, great or small, individual or collective, the Universe will seek to balance itself.” Of course, it may seem trivial, but entertain this statment. I won’t get into dissecting this it because, 1, I don’t feel it’s necessary, 2, this blog would go on forever, and 3, I don’t want to offend the doubters who often cause the unfairness of which McTaggart speaks.
I began to think about Williamson’s statement and understand how it applied to me. I consider myself to be pretty balanced and, for the most part, unaffected by distant matters. Then I realized, therein lies my problem. What do I define as “distant?” Why do I feel like matters outside of my immediate surroundings aren’t part or an extension of me? Why am I easily knocked off balance when someone I love is hurting or ill? When and where did I draw this proverbial line of what shouldn’t matter to me and what is worthy of knocking me off balance? And is anything at all truly worth my being out of balance? After all, I know that when I am out of balance, I am only half as useful to anyone or anything than when I feel completely secure.
This one tiny statement in this one isolated conversation greatly impacted me. So much so, that I now constantly ask myself – from the time I wake up to when I go to bed – “Is that worth rocking my foundation? Is there anything I can do to contribute to a good outcome? What can I do to make the best of this?”
Those three little questions have already changed the way I live my daily life. I hope to maintain this “check list” and its contribution of fairness to myself; I’ve already noticed the influence that my newfound energy has on those around me – close and far.
This is the last weekend to listen to Lynne McTaggart’s online Fairness Campaign Speaker Summit for free. The remaining speakers are Ivan Misner, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Jean Houston. It’s convenient and, most importantly, effortlessly mind opening. I suggest you check it out.


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