New Music Series Offers Fan Favorites at Fan-Conscious Prices

UMe ICON Music Series

In a time where our environment, weather and economy seem to be compromising for us all, we like to turn to some form of affordable entertainment for distraction. Heaven knows the cost to see or rent a movie and buy music is only increasing.
Alas, Universal Music to the rescue! Available today is their new series of greatest hits compilations entitled ICON. Spanning from the early greats of Patsy Cline and Abba to KISS, Etta James, Janet, Erykah Badu and many, many more, there is something here for everyone that anyone can afford! Some artists in the series even have 2 discs comprising all their chart toppers. The best part is: Each CD is a pleasant trip back down memory lane for only $7.99! Oh, and in case you’re in need of a new ride, play the ICON Memory Game to win a brand new Vespa. Now, that’s Iconic!


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