Thoroughly Enjoying Modern Humor

The Cast of Modern Family

Once in a while, if you’re lucky, along comes a TV show so entertaining and intriguing, you cannot fathom missing a segment let alone an entire episode. For me, this show is ABC’s Modern Family.

Modern Family is a staple in my weekly routine. It is only for this show that my anticipation will not allow me to do anything but stop whatever I am doing, sit down and watch it as it broadcasts.  Never via dvr.  That would be an insult to the creators. (Though I do record it in the event my excessive laughter results in my missing some dialogue.)

Modern Family is a perfect example of the old saying “It takes a village…”  Here we have phenomenal writers, an impeccable cast, identifiable yet infectiously humorous matters and an ideal timeslot.

In only its second season, I initially thought my favorite character was “Manny,” played by Rico Rodriguez.  That quickly shifted to “Phil” played by Ty Burrell, then I just couldn’t get enough of “Gloria” played by Sofia Vergara and “Cam” played by Eric Stonestreet.  Then I realized: It’s just impossible to have a favorite actor in this show.  And that’s OK!  This is not only because each actor is thoroughly enjoyable, but they are each critical to the overall “village.”  That is the very reason Modern Family is ABC’s most-watched telecast.

Another interesting facet for me, personally, is finding myself intentionally watching repeats for the first time in my life.  Outside of reading a great book twice, I’ve never felt like I was doing something for the first time after having actually done it already.  This show is just that thoroughly entertaining.

Sometimes it’s difficult to believe Modern Family is on the same network that didn’t know how to salvage Golden Globe Award-winning dramedy Ugly Betty.  Perhaps they’ll entertain the idea of some sort of spin-off with three-time Emmy nominee Vanessa Williams and her ever-so-entertaining onscreen sidekick Michael Urie?  The network would be foolish to let Williams get away.

Regardless, ABC gets major kudos from me – and apparently millions of American viewers – for getting it right with Modern Family.


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