P!nk Empowerment


Photo: Andrew MacPherson

Having worked closely with various recording artists in the music industry for half my lifetime has resulted in me being a fan of very few performers. If you know me, you’re probably already aware that there are no more than eight recording artists for whom I will purchase albums (on the actual day of release) and concert tickets. There are even fewer about whom I’ve been compelled to blog. However, I am proud to say that P!nk (or do I say, simply, “Pink”) is one of them.

More than a decade ago, when I was much more stubborn and particular (yes, that’s possible), I experienced P!nk’s first album by default, as my best friend loved it and used to bump it in the car ALL the time. Her unique voice, which I find powerful – not just because of her consistently evocative lyrical content, actually made me listen on a level I found thoroughly enjoyable. (I have this amazing ability to completely block out music I hate and take myself to a totally different zone. I like to call it “Projectile Elsewhere Living.”) So, from that point, I made an effort to not only listen to P!nk’s music, but also note anything I’ve heard about her from legitimate individuals in my professional circle.

What a relief to experience a successful young female artist who is not only deeply involved in each and every aspect of her career, but also continues to release stimulating music that is meaningful and, in my opinion, worth far more than any value that any record label can put on it.

Just when I thought the journey from Can’t Take Me Home to Try This to Missundaztood to I’m Not Dead couldn’t be any more ideal, I experienced P!nk’s live show and never looked at any recording artist the same. I could go into a review of her show here, but in all honesty, my extravagant yet accurate verbs and sparkling yet accurate descriptions won’t do her concerts justice. So I highly recommend anyone reading this catch her on her next tour. I promise you will be pleased. If not, I will personally reimburse each of you for the cost of your ticket.

This brings me to P!nk’s new album Funhouse. I pre-ordered it. In fact, it was only the fourth album I actually purchased this year. Don’t get me wrong… I like various music genres and have thousands of songs on my ipod, but I won’t buy an album if I believe the artist isn’t genuine. (Thank God for friends who buy albums for their sheer love for music, period.)

Anyway, I played Funhouse for the first time on my ipod while checking out of a hotel. The songs didn’t initially capture my attention the way those on I’m Not Dead did (most likely because I was disrespectfully jumping from a car to a shuttle to an airport check-in line while P!nk was generously extending her talents). But I listened again, without any interruption, once I boarded my six-hour flight. Then I listened again. And again. And again.

As with her previous albums, I appreciated feeling like P!nk invested herself on multiple levels to sincerely share with us a transition into another chapter of her life. The freeing of her deep-seated emotions combined with her usual, but most appreciated sarcasm were a vivid reminder as to why this chick is successful. She doesn’t seem to back down regardless what she encounters all the while unintentionally empowering her audience.

So, whether it’s a song to which you can sing, dance, workout, wallow, drink, nod, hi-five your best friend or virtually assault someone, P!nk naturally conveys messages applicable to anyone at any given time. But Funhouse took me to another level in my imaginary relationship with P!nk. I learned that not only do I adore her as an entertainer, but her selflessness has resulted in my utmost respect for her as a human being. She makes me proud. Proud to be a chick (who, like P!nk, also happens to be from Philly and in the music business)!



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3 responses to “P!nk Empowerment

  1. ML

    Couldn’t agree more, Pink ROCKS! I LOVE FUNHOUSE!

  2. bigeddie68

    Couldn’t agree with you more! One thing about Pink is her ability to stay fresh, as we all know it’s hard to keep things fresh and exciting in the music buisness and she has always stayed on top with her music. Pink is one of those artists that I believe will be making hit music for a long time to come.

  3. Mar

    Love your post and LOVE Pink and totally agree with you in everything you said, but specially that whatever can be said about pinks show will never make it justice, Can’t wait for her to be on tour in the US!

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