John McCain – A Man of Equality and Family Values… Not!

I’ve always found politics amusing.  Unfortunately (or, perhaps, fortunately), I never had serious regard for them, thereby never investing significant time to reflect, comprehend, respond, object, gamble, etc., to whatever the goings on.  Until now.

Since McCain announced Sarah Palin as his running mate last week, I’ve had a good amount of time to marinate in the insult I experienced from his obviously calculating, manipulative decision to attempt to get Clinton voters and unsettled Democrats to jump the fence.  In response, I’ve asked myself many questions – rhetorical and literal…

  1. Who the hell is she…. Really?
  2. Are our American women so naive to not see that Palin (and all of her “controversies”) is McCain’s token nominee who will “prove” that McCain believes in “equality?”
  3. Do American people not see that this nomination is McCain’s self-serving, pathetic attempt to market himself as the quintessential “family values” man?
  4. Out of curiosity, did Palin not properly inform her juvenile daughter about birth control, abstinence, etc.? Being Palin’s an extreme conservative/anti-abortionist and all…
  5. Does seventeen-year-old Bristol really want to marry her “baby’s daddy” and is doing so really her “choice?”
  6. Does Palin care about Bristol’s privacy?  I mean, hell, if the media can make a three-week saga out of Janet Jackson’s breast, the Alaskan governor knew her family festivities were plentiful for launching a 24-hour Palin Reality Network.

I’d like to point out that McCain’s choice of Palin (a woman with no views on foreign policy), is counterproductive to his “Barack Obama is inexperienced” movement. And Palin’s choice to exploit her daughter is just as self-serving as McCain’s decision to select her as his running mate.

The irony in all of this is that I, personally, didn’t think it could get any worse with George Dubya out of the Oval Office.  However, Palin, not Clinton – a woman who is undoubtedly capable of being president, could actually be the first woman in the Oval Office. I mean, hello!!! McCain is a whopping 72 years old!

Who knows? Maybe some Americans will actually trust that McCain does believe in equality because of this stunt.  And those same people wlll view Palin’s ruthless disregard for her daughter’s privacy as a heroic “Hey, when duty calls!”



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2 responses to “John McCain – A Man of Equality and Family Values… Not!

  1. Ed

    Couldn’t have said it better myself! As far as I’m concerned electing these two into office is dangerous for a womans right to choose. McCain has said that he would do what he could to overturn Roe v. Wade if elected. I’m a person who believes that goverment should leave it up to the individual and stay out of a woman’s uterus. Naming Palin as V.P. is not only a step in the wrong direction, but now she’s being investigated for abuse of power while being governor because she tried getting an ex brother in-law fired from the Alaskan State Troopers! Her saying she’s for teaching abstinence in schools is like telling Homer Simpson only to drink Duff Beer in Moe’s Tavern because obviously her daughter didn’t practice it. It’s the PARENTS job to teach abstinence, NOT the schools!

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